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Any horse owner will dread the day that their much loved companion becomes elderly or unwell. It can be such an emotional and stressful time but ultimately if you have the horse's best interests at heart, you will make the right decision. Fallen Equine offers the most efficient and humane service across Kent, Surrey & East Sussex to support the respectful dispatch and removal of your horse.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Cannot afford to put down my horse?

We appreciate this must be a difficult time but if you or your vet feel that it is time for the horse to be at peace, then we would recommend our service as the most cost effective option. Although our fees are payable upfront, we are considerably cheaper than the chemical services administered by local veterinarians.

How much do you charge?

Typically Fallen Equine charge around £150-£250 to dispatch & remove a horse however for an accurate quote based on location and your horses size, please give us a call.

Will my horse be in pain?

Our approved processes ensure that the horse is in the least pain as possible, the process is quick, and as experienced agents, we take care of the horse during its last moments.

Can I be with my horse until the end?

Personally, we feel that it is best to say goodbye to your horse whilst he or she is alive as it is a distressing and emotional time. We are experienced horse owners oursleves so you can trust that we will treat them with care and respect until the very end.
If it is your wish, then you may stay, however for the safety of everyone involved it is important you follow any instructions given by the Fallen Equine agents present.
We recommend children are not present as the nature of the process may be distressing.

Is there a limit of the size of horse you can take?

Due to the size of our equipment, the largest size horse we can accept is 17.3 hands. If your horse is larger than this, please contact us as we may be able to work alongside another operator to support the collection.

My horse has died overnight, can you help?

Firstly, we are sorry for your loss. We can of course arrange to collect the horse at a time that is suitable for you. We can visit any location within Kent, Surrey or East Sussex, please give us a call.

Can you provide me with my horses ashes?

Unfortunately our processes do not allow us to return ashes to owners at this time, However it is something we may potentially be able to offer in the future. We are happy to discuss this with you further.


There are many names and words used for the services we provide, however, due to the sensitive nature of our roles it is difficult to know what term is best for us to use.
Traditionally we would have been referred to as a Knackerman or a slaughterer, however in the modern world we feel that those suggest violence which is not the case.
We are a licensed team of compassionate agents who dispatch horses or animals who are suffering using traditional and humane methods.


DEFRA stands for the Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. They are the UK's governmental body who are responsible for safeguarding the natural environment and supporting the food and farming industries. The fact we are liscenced means that we adhere to a strict regulated process; ensuring we operate safely and humanely at all times.

My horse is healthy but needs transporting from one stable to another. Can you help?

Yes of course we can. With a fleet of vehicles we are able to support the logistics of moving both your horse and any stable equipment or supplies that need relocating across Kent, Surrey & East Sussex. Give us a call so we can provide an accurate quote taking milage into account.

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