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Fallen Equine offers the most efficient and humane service across Kent, Surrey & East Sussex to support the respectful dispatch and removal of livestock that are either unwell or suffering due to old age.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Animals do you collect?

Although we mainly deal with large animals, such as horses and cattle, we can collect animals of all sizes. We have dealt with many cow's, sheep, pig's, goat's and alpaca's during our time as approved DEFRA agents.

What do you do with the animals you collect?

Some animals we collect are cremated, however others maybe donated to local zoo's to feed other animals. Although this may seem alarming, it is important to remember we all form part of the circle of life and that this would be a natural occurrence in the wild. All disposals are in line with DEFRA policies.

I feel my stock have an illness, can you help?

Diseased animals can cause greater disruption if not dealt with promptly so although a difficult decision, we recommend taking action quickly if you have concerns to prevent further spread or expense to your operations.
If you feel that disposal of these animals is best then we are DEFRA liscensed to dispose of animals with diseases both known and unknown.

Can you offer me veterinary advice?

Although we have years of experience working with animals of all types, we are not qualified to offer veterinary advice about the health of your animal/livestock.


DEFRA stands for the Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. They are the UK's governmental body who are responsible for safeguarding the natural environment and supporting the food and farming industries. The fact we are liscenced means that we adhere to a strict regulated process; ensuring we operate safely and humanely at all times.


To prevent any further loss or distress to your chickens It is best to control the presence of vermin early on. As part of our vermin control service, we can arrange a site visit and discuss options with you if you wish to give us a call.


There are many names and words used for the services we provide, however, due to the sensitive nature of our roles it is difficult to know what term is best for us to use. Traditionally, we would have been referred to as a Knackerman or a slaughterer, however in the modern world we feel that those suggest violence which is not the case.
We are a licensed team of compassionate agents who dispatch horses or animals who are suffering using traditional and humane methods.

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