As many of you will know, we at Fallen Equine specialise in the removal of sick or deceased horses from locations across Kent, Sussex & Surrey.

Unfortunately, it is a service that all horse owners and farmers will one day need. Either through illness or old age, even the most well cared for horse will one day pass away & it can be a complicated and emotional time for an owner to know what to do or how to manage their emotions.

Having built a strong reputation amongst the farming and local horse community, we were really pleased to be contacted by Kirsty Harvey who has recently published a book designed to help equestrians manage their grief after the death of a beloved horse.

The book is called What The Horse Do I Do Now?

Kirsty says

"My wish is that this book will be there to hold your hand when you feel low. It will pick you up and get you going again when you need a little tap with the whip. I want to inspire you to keep looking forward and over the next jump even when you can’t see where your supposed to be going"

Full of compassion and genuine emotion, we felt that many of our clients would benefit from the advice and reflection that Kirsty features in the book and wanted to share a few excerpts.

Originally written to support a close friend after the loss of her horse, Kirsty felt she was in a position to help other horse lovers cope during what is understandably a difficult grieving process. Choosing to adapt the original book to go to print, the 30 page guide is now available to purchase in full colour paperback, an ideal gift to purchase for a friend who may also need a helping hand learning to take stock of their own grief.

The book focuses on being open and honest with your feelings, whilst allowing yourself time to accept your loss; a vital step of the grieving process. Readers are encouraged to remember the positive moments they once shared with their horse. Kirsty has also included a number of original poems and quotes throughout the book which you can tell are written from the heart.

If you are dealing with a recent loss of your horse (or any pet or loved one for that matter) It is important to remember that it is these positive memories that cannot be taken away. Yes, the journey of grief is difficult but the moments and love felt between a horse and its owner should be looked upon with joy, not allowed to be over ruled by sadness.

Kirsty dedicated the book to "all the gorgeous horses that have crossed my path and all the people who came with them... forever in our hearts"

What a beautiful legacy to leave behind.

As you can tell Kirsty is a big animal lover which is why throughout the guide she writes with such passion and enthusiasm. Her genuine, heartfelt words make the book an ideal tool to help cope with the loss of a horse. Readers are even awarded with a rosette at the end of their journey, reiterating positive thinking and encouraging self growth.

Although this book is aimed at coping with the loss of a horse, It doesn't mean that it is all doom and gloom making it different compared to other books or guides related to grief.

There are plenty of snippets of horse related humour that will only be truly understood and appreciated by horse lovers themselves. Towards the end of the book there are a series of questions and answers; "How do I deal with humans?", "How do I fill the extra time I have in my day?" and my favourite question of "How do I politely leave a boring party when I can no longer use the excuse "Sorry I need to go and feed my horse"? a dilemma many former horse lovers will have come across I'm certain.

The guide also features an outline of a person where the reader is encouraged to grab a pen and mark every bump and bruise their horse ever gave. Im sure some long term horse owners just end up colouring the whole person in, a perfect time to reminisce about the times they have been unceremoniously dismounted from the saddle.

Now that the book is available for sale, self published writer Kirsty, who also runs a successful sports rehab clinic in Tunbridge Wells Kent, is looking forward to sharing the book with the wider equestrian community.

So far, Initial feedback about the guide has been great and we at Fallen Equine really feel readers will benefit for her words of wisdom. The "What the horse do I do now?" Facebook page shares further excerpts from the book alongside being a safe place for others to share their own stories so be sure to follow the page using the link below to keep up to date with Kirsty's journey.

If you would like to purchase a copy of WHAT THE HORSE DO I DO NOW?

You can do so by visiting the link below



Kirsty Harvey (the writer of What The Horse Do We Do Now?) has not paid us to be featured, nor has any formal affiliation with us here at Fallen Equine. Our relationship is based on two likeminded businesses supporting each other. Knowing that many of our clients would benefit from the support her book may give, we were happy to feature her work and wish her the greatest success.