We often get asked what do we do with the animals we collect and there are a number of answers depending on how and why the animal has reached us. It is important to remember that all of the processes we follow are fully in line with the regulations set by DEFRA. DEFRA is the governmental body that protects the natural environment and supports the food and farming industries; we are proudly registered as licensed agents to collect category 1, 2 and 3 animal by products.

Some animals we collect are cremated, which is a traditional practice used across many cultures of the world. After the animal has died naturally or been euthanised, their body will be transported to our facility where it will be incinerated in line with the regulations set out by DEFRA. If an animal has been diagnosed with a particular illness or has been chemically euthanised, it is a legal obligation of the owner to ensure any affected bodies are cremated. This is to prevent further contamination but is important to know in advance if you are considering a burial. At Fallen Equine we offer both communal & individual cremations however we are currently not in a position to return ashes to our customers, although may be in a position to in the future.

Alternatively, animals that have not been chemically euthanised may be donated to local zoo's to help support other animals. Although this may seem alarming, it is important to remember we all form part of the circle of life and that this would be a natural occurrence in the wild. During the Coronavirus outbreak, donations like these helped support a number of local businesses who were struggling financially to feed their animals.

All disposals are in line with DEFRA policies and we take the wishes of our clients into account so please discuss your preference with us. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.