Swanley based brothers Jeff & Stacey, have worked alongside each other for many years so it was natural that Fallen Equine takes pride in having strong family values. By combining their skills and years of experience together, the brothers have a number of successful business ventures, many focussing on their love for the great outdoors.

Stacey, the younger of the two brothers, is a fantastic carpenter with a brilliant understanding of mechanics and engineering. Alongside the ability to plan for every eventuality, and be able to combine that with a strong awareness for safety, Stacey helps Fallen Equine clients feel comforted that they are in safe hands.

Jeff, a father of 10, uses he local knowledge to manage the logistics of the business and plans to one day hand Fallen Equine to two of his youngest sons. Jeff says "Teaching my children a strong work ethic is really important, I have always worked hard and although our business is not glamorous, we are there to help farmers & horse owners when they need us most. All the children love animals, we have horses ourselves, and just want to help the ones that are in pain"

Fallen Equine specialises in the removal of sick or deceased horses and/or livestock from locations across Kent, Sussex & Surrey. Unfortunately for animal lovers, it is a service that all horse owners and farmers will one day need. Either through illness or old age, even the most well cared for horse will one day pass away & it can be a complicated and emotional time for an owner to know what to do. By using traditional methods, Fallen Equine offers an efficient & cost effective solution to help take care of the situation.

Having built a strong reputation amongst the farming and local horse community, Fallen Equine agents, Jeff & Stacey, are reliable & trustworthy, offering a compassionate & inclusive service for you whenever you need them.